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5 Great Locally Designed Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's, matriarchs, mommies, mammas, maminkas or just mums.

They deserve to be worshiped all year around, regardless of the weather, the season, the circumstances. However, having one special day a year to channel all your love & appreciation for the mums in your circles is a convenient reminder.

Should you choose to give a gift of materialistic nature this year, we wholeheartedly invite you to explore locally sourced beautiful good things from BC that might spark that spark for your mamma just right.

This year we cherry-picked 36 beautiful good things from BC, but in this blog, we'll introduce you to 5 of them.

1. The XOXO Gift Box by All The Good Things From BC - $99.99

Think of this gift box as a gift of hugs and kisses - the warmth, the authenticity and the healing power hugs and kisses from your mother have always had. And then why not have your mum drink her favorite warm beverage while wearing a matching scarf and a bracelet while marveling at the abstract feather print?

Abstract Feathers square wood print on plank by Woodly

Winter Grove Fir tall mug by Now Designs

Heart Remedy healing bracelet (small beads) by Rock The Feather

Feathers bamboo scarf (Burgundy) by Totem Design House is temporarily replaced by either this Totem House design scarf with Leaves motif or this with Raven Feathers design by Trevor Angus & Native Northwest

Sticker by All The Good Things From BC 

All products including the wood print fit nicely into our 14x14x4 white giftbox mailer. AGBC is happy to add a hand written note as per your instruction.


2. Woven Tapestry Blanket - Fireweed at Dusk by Heidi The Artist - $193.99

Wrap yourself in the softness and color of this unique heirloom throw. We know when you get this piece for your mom she'll instantly fall in love with all the intricate details, colors and textures that change constantly throughout the weaving. Hang it on your wall as a tapestry, or let your family cozy up in it on the the couch. No matter where it lives in your home, it will bring a layer and quality, color and texture to your interior. Woven Tapestry Blanket - Fireweed at Dusk by Heidi The Artist makes an incredible mother's day gift! 


3. Women's Top - Wolf by Jesse Brillon for Totem Design House - $54.99

This Eco-Friendly bamboo & cotton women's top has been designed to flatter ALL shapes and sizes. A flowy relaxed fit with deep scoop neck and curved bottom edge that comes up around the hips.

Wolf is a highly revered crest for many coastal tribes and powerful totem animal for others. Wolves are fiercely loyal, mate for life and protect the pack. Wolf energy is about loyalty and protection. And that's something every mother knows a lot about. This beautiful, original top Wolf by Jesse Brillon (Teal) for Totem Design House makes a great gift idea for the matriarch of your choice.


4. Healing Bracelet - Mother & Daughter Set by Rock The Feather - $56.99

The Mother & Daughter Sets by Rock The Feather are an original gift idea for that tired dad. Because you know what, my man ... there's never enough bracelets for any woman, let alone a mum. A matching set for your daughter and her momma is always a good gift idea. AGBC currently stocks 5 variants. You are most welcome :) You can click on each picture to get to the product page.


5. Porcelain Coffee Mug - Hummingbird by Maynard Johnny Jr. - 18.99

Porcelain Coffee Mug - Hummingbird by Maynard Johnny Jr.Porcelain Coffee Mug - Hummingbird by Maynard Johnny Jr.

Let you momma enjoy her warm beverage of choice with this signature porcelain art mug produced by Native Northwest.

Each piece is handcrafted with slight variations making each piece unique in color & design.

Artist Maynard Johnny Jr. about the design:

"Hummingbirds represent joy and happiness."

Hummingbird has become a popular symbol of beauty and love. This tiny bird is said to be able to turn sunlight into weightless jewels of rainbow. It often represents the ability of women to be busy, beautiful and productive at the same time.

And there's more - browse our Northwest Coast Art Porcelain Collection and discover more designs and shapes.

Need more gifting inspiration? Take a look at our Mother's Day Collection and shop with intention for good things sourced with sustainability in mind.

All The Good Things From BC are your gifts with purpose.
🌎 5 % of every item sold with indigenous design goes to IRSSS (Indian Residential School Survivors Society)
🌎 5% of every item sold with non-indigenous design goes towards BC Parks
🌎 All The Good Things From BC is a proud member of 1% For the Planet
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