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Mindfully curating products sounds like a very hipster and millennial hobby, but read on and discover what it means for us here at All The Good Things From BC.

My mamma used to say that the world is full of crappy goods - like everywhere you look. All the Good Things From BC is here to save you time by offering a hand-picked selections of the best products on the market.

It's very easy to get lost in the maze of allegedly great, fabulous, authentic, locally hand-made, sustainably made, eco-friendly product labels, vendors, markets etc. There are so many talented folks and great companies out there, but a very few store fronts or web stores that would offer some guidance and consistency for a poor shopper who is left to "just google it."

Here are the main criteria we use for selecting product for our virtual shelves:

- the product is made or designed in British Columbia and reflects on the spirit of the province in a traditional, innovative or interesting way 

- the product is made and designed with sustainability in its heart (more on that in blog post here)

- the product is useful and will be useful in ten years from its purchase, or can be repurposed easily or recycles well 

- the life cycle of the product is based in local economy as much as possible

Let me develop on the last bullet point a little more. Supporting the local economy seems like a no brainer, but here at All The Good things From BC we take this very seriously. That is why we provide all the detail product descriptions and choose to cooperate with companies and individuals that are on the same boat.

Choosing to buy from a small business rather than (very often) foreign owned corporation makes a huge difference to our social fabric and the whole environment. By shopping with All The Good Things From BC you are voting with your wallet for a better future for our planet.

All The Good Things From BC has done the research for you, so please help yourself, browse our collections and enjoy our occasional sales & deals.

The products are also organized by helpful and consistent tags, so when using the search button feel free to use animals, artists or company name or first nation affiliation, preferred material or just a simple term like "mug."









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