Timeless designs of high quality

One of the cornerstones of All The Good Things From BC's mission is to provide platform for circulating timeless designs of high quality originating in British Columbia. What do we mean by that? A timeless design is an artwork, or shape or material of a product that does not lose its value over time. Pick any of the products from our virtual shelves and imagine using it five, ten or more years from now. As long as its not damaged by using (such as travel drinkware or socks etc.) it should be sparking joy in you for years to come.

There's nothing wrong with new things and trends, but All The Good Things From BC prefers to showcase and support makers and companies that look beyond short term horizons. The only trend worth following for us is the trend of slowing down - such as in slow fashion, slow food - when focus shifts from short term profit to long term gain. These concepts go hand in hand with sustainability and mindful curating.

We encourage our customers to think twice about purchasing and ask tough questions such as

- how does owning this new thing going to change my life or the life of the person I am going to give it to?

- lets say five years from now, do I see myself or my giftee still using the gift or basking in its beauty?

- can I re-gift or re-purpose the product?

If your answers are positive, then welcome on board - it's called slow shopping.

Feel invited to shop with All The Good Things From BC for timeless designs of high quality. Browsing tip: use the search button and type in your favorite west coast animal.

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