More About Karen Francis

Karen Francis is a Gitxan artist.

Karen graduated in 1996 with a Fine Arts Degree from Emily Carr University of Art and Design majoring in oil painting. She is a mother of two boys and has practiced art off and on throughout her life. Showing in mainly group exhibitions such as the Two Trees Exhibit at SFU University and Roundhouse Community Centre First Nations art exhibit.

She is a community and self-taught Northwest Coast Artist learning from a few artist and now with her life partner North West Coast (NWC) Artist/carver Marcel Russ. Her family lineage is first off matrilineally Gitxsan Wet’suwet’en from the Wilp of Nii Kyap from Gitanyow and from her fathers side Tlingit. In 2015 she attained a Aboriginal tourism degree from the Native Ed. College in Vancouver where she went on to conduct cultural art tours and work at the Bill Reid Gallery of NWC art.

She is currently working in tourism at the Museum of Vancouver. She also designs NWC art for the Native Northwest Company here in Vancouver BC. Her goal is to help contemporary native art become part of the fine arts market, taking it out of exclusively commercial art galleries in order to help bridge cultural understanding and acceptance. She is also expanding her art practice to carving.

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