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5 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas - Locally Designed or Made

by Adela Smazilova on October 15, 2022

Fathers, patriarchs, daddies, pappas, tatas or just simply dads.

They are loved, admired and appreciated all year round - sure. But what if there was one day that we use collectively to celebrate these positive & role modelling father figures in our life? That day is June 19th this year and it's coming fast.

Should you choose to give a gift of materialistic nature this year, we wholeheartedly invite you to explore locally sourced beautiful good things from BC that might help you express love for your father figure just right.

This year we picked 50 beautiful good things from BC. Why fifty? I don't know about you, but finding a right gift for HIM has been hard, so hopefully, you can use our selection for other gift giving opportunities for HIM too.

But in this blog, we'll introduce you to a few of them.

Men's T-shirt - Bike by Kindred Coast (Navy) - $39.99

This navy blue t-shirt is screen printed with Kindred Coast original 'bike' design in white. If you look closely, you'll see the bike is actually filled with detailed drawings of mountains, waves, trees, and even a tent for camping!

Bet your daddy loves at least one of these things.


Camping Mug - Sasquatch by Francis Horne Sr. - $18.99

Sasquatch mug

This mug is perfect for tea or coffee in your father's garden, on a boat or camping. It is also a good size for a hearty mug of soup by the campfire.
Sasquatch are supernatural beings and protectors of the forests.
Watch out for Big Foot! He is full of surprises - like your dad.


Lunch Bag - Adventure Awaits - $29.99

Lunch Bag with trees

This eye catching yet subtle washable paper lunch bag has a leather-like texture. An insulated interior keeps contents fresh, while a magnetic snap closure keeps contents secure. Your dad might find that useful & beautiful at the same time.


Art Socks - Salmon in the Wild by Simone Diamond - $18.99

Salmon Socks by Simone Diamond Coast Salish Artist



Soft combed, elasticized cotton blend with authentic indigenous knitted design of Salmon by Coast Salish artist Simone Diamond.

The artist about her design:

"I create art that connects me to my family, our traditions and our spirit of continuity."

Here at AGBC we think that these socks would make a lovely little & wallet friendly gift your your beloved fishing loving father figure.

5 % of every item sold with Indigenous design goes to IRSSS (Indian Residential School Survivors Society)

1% of every other item goes towards BC Parks Foundation via One Percent For The Planet

1% of sales goes toward BC Parks Foundation via One Percent For The Planet

All The Good Things From BC are your gifts with purpose.
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