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5 Tips for Valentine's Day Gifts - Locally Designed or Made

by Adela Beranek on February 04, 2023
3 min read 
ūü•į it's this time of the year againūü•į
No matter how you identify or how you choose to (or not to, haha) celebrate this year's Valentine's day, here at AGBC we have made finding the right gift easy for you.
Of all the wonderful good things from BC we carry all year round, we chose 25 top picks to highlight for this years' Valentine's Day shopping.
In this blog we'll focus on 5 groupings of them.
Want to know the best part? They are very "wallet-friendly" too. Slow shopping for locally sourced or made gifts does not have to break your bank.
Let's go take a peak then.


Our first pick is the legendary Ts'msyen artist Roy Henry Vickers coffee mug & tuque with his Valentine's day inspired Eagle Heart design. The artist explains his motivation for this particular design: "Eagles mate for life and have clear vision. Eagle is one of my crests from the Tsimshian village of Gitxaala." 
Either the toque or the mug are sure to spark that love joy for your giftee.
The second tip we have for you are these small, simple and beautiful wood stud earrings by the creative female duo Sick Chick, which is based out of Revelstoke, BC. The ladies about their designs: "Each piece is designed with love to inspire and awaken the adventurer in all of us". The studs are great as earrings or you can put them on your tuque or other hats.


2 pairs of wood stud earrings by sick chick revelstoke bc


The third pick might not be considered a traditional Valentine's Day gift, but hey, it's red, it's designed in BC and above all it's useful. Pretty yet practical gifts are our middle name, here at All The Good Things From BC. The snack bag, the lunch bag and a matching water bottle are a great way of saying I love you and I want you to think about me every time you take a sip or a bite.
red plaid water bottle snack bag lunch box designed in bc
Every major gifting occasion is always made better with a nice card.
Our pick number four is the card. Valentine's Day is all bout those cards, isn't it? In the spirit of sustainability we are offering you beautiful, witty and funny plantable cards by Mountain Mornings. Yes, the seed paper is made in Canada and if you follow the instructions at the back of the card you can turn it into basil. But hey, it's not a must. Once you don't want the card anymore it can decompose way more easily than traditional paper. Click on the image and discover even more cute cards.


plantable cards by mountain mornings


The last gifting inspiration we are bringing you are the ever popular tees by Kindred Coast. The bike design is pretty intricate. If you look closely, you'll see the bike is actually filled with detailed drawings of mountains, waves, trees, and even a tent for camping! They come in red for the ladies and blue for the guys. The tees are made in Canada and printed on Vancouver Island. In the summer at our pop ups they were among the top five selling good things from BC. If you treat the tees nice, they'll last you a long time.


bike tees by kindred coast
Thanks for reading all the way here. Hoping we have inspired you to shop a little bit more sustainably this year. 
All The Good Things From BC are your gifts with purpose.
ūüĆ鬆5 % of every item sold with indigenous design goes to IRSSS (Indian Residential School Survivors Society)
ūüĆ鬆¬†1% of every other item goes towards BC Parks Foundation via One Percent For The Planet
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