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AGBC Curated Gift Boxes: What kind of gifter are you?

by Adela Smazilova on October 15, 2022

Are curated gift boxes the best way to give gifts? 

At AGBC, we think so - which is why we’ve just released our very first collection of gift boxes to make the art of giving easier, simpler and WAY more exciting for the receiver (an entire box of goodies - yes please). Here’s why:

When it comes to gifting, whether it’s your friend's birthday present or a family member's Christmas gift, we all take a different approach. Some dread the pressure of shopping for other people and some can’t wait to find something beautiful their loved ones will adore. But at some point in the process, no matter who we are, we always ask ourselves the question: 

“Will they like it...?”

Which is exactly where our gift boxes come in! They’re an amazing way to gift items which are a collection of best selling products. Plus, they generally come with some kind of theme to suit the personality or interests of the person you are buying for (which could also be yourself), making it easier to make your decision and rekindle the joy of giving.

At AGBC, we’ve launched four carefully curated gift boxes for your favourite people:


1. The Naturally Curious Gift Box

Do you know someone who is always naturally curious about the world around them? Here in BC, this could be the beautiful nature or breathtaking art of the Northwest Coast peoples who have been here from time immemorial. Packed in this box, our water bottle is there to keep you hydrated, the notebook and the pen to help you jot down curious questions and the stay wild pin to remind you of the importance of staying adventurous.

naturally curious gift box by agbc - water bottle, notebook, pen, enamel pin

2.The XOXO Gift Box

The AGBC gift box wrapped in hugs and kisses - and the warmness, the authenticity and the healing power xoxos have. Your loved one can drink from a beautiful warm beverage holder, wear a matching scarf and bracelet, all while marveling at the abstract feather print! What better way to spend a relaxing day.

3. The Wild One Gift Box 

Do you know that person who always goes for it all the way? The one who "sends it" no matter what. The one who loves to go on adventures in that down-to-earth Northwest Coast style? Maybe it's even you. Whoever you decide this gift box is for, it’s got everything from stylish nature-inspired jewelry to a water bottle for their next exploration.

4.The Adventurer Gift Box 

The receiver of this box will not be afraid to wander to the woods. They’re the ones who go on all the adventures we secretly want to do, but perhaps don’t have the time or energy like they do. Every item in this beautiful gift box, like our wooden vintage map from BC, will constantly inspire their next outdoor adventure and keep them connected to the outdoors.


Not a gift box convert just yet? 

You should also know that if you’d like to swap and change the products inside your gift box, we also have the option available to you! Just make your selection of items and add a gift box for $9.99 to your cart. We'll wrap it up and you’ll also be able to add a handwritten note to the gift - just let us know what you’d like to say in the message box at the checkout.

Simple. Easy. Satisfying.

All you need to do next is get excited for the look on the face of your recipient when they receive the box. Not only will they get to enjoy a range of cool products inspired by our beautiful BC, it’s also SUPER FUN to unwrap and you get to support local BC artists, companies & makers.  

Whether it’s for a friend or maybe even yourself, there’s nothing more fun than opening a box full of beautiful goodies that complement each other. And no one can argue with that!