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4 Talented Indigenous Female Artists To Find In All The Good Things From BC

by Adela Beranek on March 22, 2024

In March we traditionally honor female artists from "B.C." and since our last blog was such a success we decided this year to write a similar one highlighting yet another talented group of Indigenous female artists who draw inspiration for their art from the lands now called British Columbia, Canada.

Before we get to know them and their work a little better, let's take a quick look at the gender pay gap statistics for this year and how they affect racialized folks who identify as women.

Every year we commemorate the 8th of March - International Women's Day - by reminding everyone of the ever present gender pay gap. Well, despite progressive efforts it's still well & alive. 

Here are some quick facts:

On average, women make 88 cents for every $1.00 men make. But there’s more than one gap – there are gender pay gaps.

Gap Indigenous women face: 65 cents

Gap racialized women face: 67 cents

Gap newcomer women face: 71 cents

Women with disabilities have a lower average income

Gender pay gaps affect all ages and they accumulate.

It starts in youth summer jobs, impacts student loan debt, and contributes to a gender pension gap.

Women retire with about 80% of the pension men retire with.

The gaps are closing, the but the pace is glacial.

No company in Canada has closed its gender pay gap.

For more info go to

Now lets get to know our female Indigenous artists a little better and perhaps when choosing your next gift for your family, business partners, employees or conference attendants, you might pick one of their creations and help fight the gender pay gap.


Francis Dick, Kwakwaka'wakw

Francis Dick is a renowned "B.C." Indigenous artist from the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation, known for her powerful and intricate paintings and carvings that often depict traditional stories and themes, showcasing her deep connection to her cultural heritage. Her work often features bold colors and strong lines, reflecting her passion for preserving and sharing her Indigenous traditions and values.

You can learn more about her here and explore All The Good Things with her designs here

When she works with the giftware producing companies, it's usually the more traditional designs. If you go to see her work in person in a gallery, it's more modern and full of bright colors. Her official website is no longer working, but you can follow the artist on Facebook and Instagram.

Indigenous artist Francis Dick about her design:

"Hummingbirds teach us to appreciate the miracle of life and the need to focus on renewal and positivity."

Shoshannah Greene, Haida

Shoshone Greene, a talented artist of the Haida Nation. From a young age, Shoshannah always had a strong drive to be creative. She pursued a Bachelor of Media Arts at Emily Carr University, with a major in hand-drawn animation. During these years, her interests shifted from classical animation to classical Haida formline. Today, Shoshannah works as a full-time artist, with a creative practice focused on Haida design, both traditional and digital painting, and illustration.

You can learn more about here here or follow her Instagram.

So far we only have one Good Thing with her design on it, but that might change in the future. Definitely an up-and-coming artist to look out for!

Alison Brenmer, Tlingit

(photo by @rebeccaellisoncreative)

Alison Bremner is a Tlingit artist born and raised in Southeast Alaska. She studied under master artists David R. Boxley and David A. Boxley in Kingston, Washington. Painting, woodcarving, regalia and digital collage are a few of the mediums the artist employs. In addition to her contemporary art practice, Marks is committed to the revitalization of the Tlingit language and creating works for traditional and ceremonial use. 

Traditional Tlingit territory is part of what is today's British Columbia and although Alison Bremner's career as an artist is perhaps more tied to the US, her art story is firmly rooted in Northwest Coast. You can learn more about her story here. To stay up to date with her current practice, follow her on her Instagram where her nick name is Caffinated Raven. The coffee cups she did for Starbucks are amazing. Too bad they aren't available in Canada.

These are the two Good Things we have in the store so far.

Men's T-Shirt - Ch'aak' (Eagle) by Alison Bremner-T-Shirt-Native Northwest-[cool mens tees]-[best cotton t-shirts for men]-[native artist designed t-shirt]-All The Good Things From BC

Coloring & Language Book - Tlingit Animals-Colour & Draw-Native Northwest-[kids game]-[locally designed in bc]-[best gift for kids]-All The Good Things From BC


Morgan Asoyuf, Ts'msyen

Morgan Asoyuf, a talented Ts'msyen artist, jeweler, and designer, is known for her exquisite creations that blend traditional Indigenous art forms with contemporary design elements. Asoyuf's work often reflects her deep connection to her cultural heritage and the natural world. Her jewelry pieces, in particular, are celebrated for their intricate detailing and storytelling, often featuring motifs and symbols that pay homage to her Indigenous roots. Asoyuf's designs not only showcase her exceptional artistic skill but also serve as a powerful means of preserving and sharing her Indigenous culture with the world.

Let's take a peak at the few Good Things we have the honor of carrying in the store. You can learn more about Morgan Asoyuf here or explore all the Good Things with her designs on them here.

Coffee Mug - Matriarch Bear by Morgan Asoyuf-White Mug-Native Northwest-[best gift from bc cnada]-[best coffee mugs]-[perfect employee gift]-All The Good Things From BC

We're happy to highlight her famous Matriarch Bear design which the giftware company Native Northwest so skillfully placed on a few useful items, such as this beautiful bold coffee mug, but also a shopping bag, playing cards, espresso mug set or socks. 

Indigenous artist Morgan Asoyuf about her design:

"Art is an intimate connection to our history, identity and our community. I am honoured to continue our traditions and to share them. Matriarch Bear is a well known legend that teaches us about the need to honour, respect and protect animals."


Thank you for reading. We hope we have inspired you and that the next time you have a gift shopping opportunity, you'll remember the various gender pay gaps and maybe reach for one of these wonderful Indigenous female artists creations.

All The Good Things From BC are your gifts with purpose.
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1% of every other item goes towards BC Parks Foundation via One Percent For The Planet


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