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Throwback at summer events of 2022 with All The Good Things From BC

by Adela Beranek on September 20, 2022

4 min read

In todays blog we'd like to showcase the events we took part in as a vendor and tell you a little about such experience. The summer of 2022 was filled with thrill, anticipation and pure joy of being able to be together as communities. You could tell that after 2 years of pandemic folks everywhere we went just cherished the contact with each other, the performers, vendors, their friends & families etc. 

All The Good Things From BC did booths in the summer of 2019 at the Squamish Street Market (3 times) and at the Vancouver Folks Fest as part of the folks bazzar. Both experiences were very energizing and confirmed the direction of the shop was good - people loved it. However, some growing pains were there, but valuable lessons were learned.

The next two summers AGBC did only occasional pop ups at the Farmer's market organized by the beloved North Arm Farm in Pemberton, BC. Since the owner was raising her first child and opportunities for pop-ups were scarce, the focus was turned into the online world.

This year, AGBC has applied to be a vendor at the same events and a few more, but as spring progressed, the owner learned she was pregnant again and decided not to push it too much. Hence AGBC did only 4 booths. Here's how it went.

Squamish Constellation Festival 2022

We could not have asked for a better summer kickoff than this wonderful event in Beautiful Squamish BC. Since AGBC is based in Whistler, we got really blessed with an offer of a friend who runs Reiki and Creations to use her place as a base for the weekend. For each day there was a volunteer/friend helping Adela with set up & sales & queuing for food. AGBC could not have done it without you, Karolina, Jana & Isla!

Here are a few low quality pics from the event. It's usually such a thing to build it all, then there's usually hardly any creative energy left to take decent pictures. The legendary Squamish wind played major part in how it all looks. 

all the good things from bc booth at squamish constellation festall the good things from bc booth at squamish constellation fest2

all the good things from bc booth at squamish constellation fest clothes rack

 All in all it was a great success. We met so many wonderful people, spread the word about our business and gave folks the chance to experience shopping for truly locally sourced products with authentic designs on them. All while giving back to either BC Parks Foundation or IRSSS. And it works! Thank you, Squamish Constellation Festival, we'll be back next year :)

Which good things you loved the most? Stickers by Mountain Morning or Kindred Coast, hoodies & tees by Kindred Coast and then probably the wood prints.

Squamish Street Market

This time around, the Street Market was on Sunday as part of Squamish loggers day and was actually spearheaded by a parade! The weather was all we could ask for plus the Squamish downtown wind, haha. Since we put the Kindred Coast t-shirts out you guys were all over the place. The booth was so busy with mostly Squamish locals enjoying the market place, that the owner had hardly any time to check out other vendors. This time the family members graciously helped Adela out.

What did you like the most at this event? The t-shirts by Kindred Coast were depleted significantly and a few of you walked away with a new wood print by Woodly too.

 all the good things from bc booth at squamish street market

 Abbotsford Airshow

The concept of AGBC is unique to the general scope of BC markets which prefer to work with vendors who do small batch handcrafted "local" (often not so ..) products - which is fine, but that gives AGBC an opportunity to go out there and join bigger events, where art/design/artisan producers do not dare venture. Since Adela's husband is a plane enthusiast, it's been decided that a quasi family weekend will be spent at the International Abbotsford Airshow.

Again, the key ingredient in every outdoor event - the weather - was just perfect. Little windy at times, but nothing compared to Squamish. The traffic at the booth was steady, but there were quiet periods. AGBC was the only non-food vendor selling products not related to planes, but that proved to be a refreshing change for many. Folks at the show were really pleased to see BC designed and often BC made products and kept coming back to browse and shop. And the scenery with Mt. Baker towering in the distance. Just wow! Thank you Abbotsford, for having us. We might be back in a few years.

Most popular good things from BC? Stickers, Native Northwest t-shirts & bookmarks by Woodly.

abbotsford air show

This time, the whole family came to support the booth with its magical presence.

agbc family

Squamish - The Local Festival

The last event for the season was The Local Festival - again - in Squamish. The fourth time in a row - we lucked out with the weather. The wind was ferocious, especially at the beginning, but hey, Squamish is a "city of winds" and we were prepared. The event in downtown was ticketed, which limited the number of attendees significantly, however, the music was just great and the overall hippie vibe of the fest very enjoyable. With the booth being not crazy busy, there was enough time to go marvel at other vendor's beautiful creations and dance a little.

michaela ivancova art with all the good things from bc at squamish local festival

And yes, there was time to catch up with Michaela Ivancova Art who graciously helped AGBC with set up and sales. Thank you, Squamish Local Festival, for having us, we'd like to come back again!

Your favorite good things this time? Almost each of you bought something different, so hard to say. Somebody was just impressed that we had authentic Totem Design House products and happily bough the sloth hoodie by Andy Everson. The next person just loved the wood prints etc. and somebody else walked away with a Kindred Coast bike tee for his bike loving girlfriend.

All in all, this summer was a huge success for AGBC and we are looking forward to setting up booths again next summer and beyond. If you have an event in mind where you'd like to see us, let us know! AGBC booth shopping experience can be always tailored to a particular location, theme etc. We have our own tent, tables, chairs, clothing rack (the sturdy one!) and all that jazz. Next year the plan is to get custom table cloths too.

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