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5 Things you can do to help Mother Earth

by Adela Smazilova on October 15, 2022

Welcome to our two part series of tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle by All The Good Things From BC. These tips were originally published as social media posts, but having them here as a part of our blog makes it easer to find, when you need motivation and inspiration on your journey to a greener lifestyle.


TIP #1 - Reusable Vessels

No need to explain why. Just do it and do it often. If you forget once, you won't burn in hell.
Maybe ;)

It's fun to have a few water bottles & travel coffee mugs at your disposal in key locations so you don't forget about bringing one.
I have one in my car, at my various workplaces, in my house, right by the door.
You name it.
And the conversations you can have when you carry around fun designs.

It's nice & respectful to know who designed the art on your reusable vessel. With our products, you'll always know.
At AGBC you can always be sure that the artist & designers are credited.
And fairly compensated.
And that they are truly local, real people. Since we cannot say the vessels are made here, in BC. We are honest.

Hope we've helped you to stay motivated to use reusable vessels. It's hard, but don't beat yourself about it. Staying on top of it is what matters.

To get some inspiration for fun & locally designed water bottles, check our collection here. We also have some nice travel mugs to spark those conversations about appreciating Northwest Coast art form.

Stay Wild water bottle designed in BC

TIP #2 - Join an organization with an impact

The bigger the group, the larger pressure can be exerted to impact desired change for Mother Earth. Join an environmental group at local, provincial or national level. Even better, go international.

It's hard for one person to strive for change all the time. You might feel alone, even frustrated and unmotivated. As a member of an environmental group you'll see some progress is being made. You can find support, motivation and up-to date information. Here at AGBC we joined the One Percent for the Planet community.

Which organization, group or initiative are you part of?
We'd love to know! Leave links in the comments.

One Percent For The Planet

TIP #3 - Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose

Every time you add a thing to your online or real life shopping cart, ask yourself:

After I am done with this thing, can I reuse or repurpose it in a meaningful way to prolog the life of the material?

Example 1:

When buying liquid products such as shampoos, or a lemonade in a glass see how you can use that vessel again.

Can you take it to the refillery?

Can you make a vase out of it?

Can you use it in your garden space for something?

If you can find another way to use your new good thing after the original purpose is over, then go for it.

repurposed radio

Example 2:

When buying textiles, ask yourself:

Can I turn it into something else later? 

Can this t-shirt become a pillow?

Would this towel be a fine moisture wicking rag?

Can this flannel shirt become a patch on my other jeans etc. 

The imagination and the internet are your limits, get creative, playful or support people who do that for you. Not everyone is crafty and that's ok.

 sewing machine

TIP #4 - Support a local supply chain wherever possible

What it means is to look for info on where the value is added to the product, where do ingredients come from, how much "travelling is involved" etc.

The key is the approach - you can use the local farm food market analogy and imagine the thing you are buying is food supposedly grown by your local farmer.

Let's replace the food with a toque, a t-shirt a mug, a hoodie a tea towel with a BC themed print on it.

To what extent are you able to find info on how the product was made?

While there are a lot of things that cannot be directly made in BC, there's still a lot of value that can be added to the product ...

and as a customer you are asked to pay for that value - but is it really there?

Look for info where things get printed, is the maker using a local company?

Is the designer of a local product actually based here in BC?

Are the artists fairly compensated and credited for their work? Is the company using locally sourced materials?

With AGBC you'll always know :) In our store we do this work for you.

Every product page contains information on materials and artists. We think its respectful and also fun to put a face behind the design, since that is the added value you as customer are asked to pay for.

We update the info on artists/companies regularly and encourage to follow your favorite ones on social media or buy directly form them.

shop local bag designed in bc

TIP #5 - Slow down your fashion shopping

The fashion industry is among the highest polluters on the planet. The so called fashion industry consumes astonishing amounts of petroleum too. Always look for transparency.

If you can’t find information on a product, there’s probably a reason for it.

Similarly to whether a brand is fully transparent with product information, you will be able to tell the true quality of a brand by whether they talk about sustainability and ethics.

By carefully selecting products made from quality materials like bamboo, recycled polyester, hemp or organic cotton we can make a huge impact on the environment.

By choosing to buy locally-made products (again with brands who are transparent about where their items come from), we can reduce waste and the environmental impact of transportation, support the local economy and avoid participating in unethical, harmful or toxic production methods.

Do You want to know more?

Check out our latest dive in blog - 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Avoiding Fast Fashion and Becoming a Responsible Shopper.

Thank you for reading all the way!

More tips to come next week.

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