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Hi, my name is Adela S. and I started All The Good Things From BC a year ago to help folk shop for quality and sustainably made products from British Columbia. I came to the province more than 6 years ago with the intention to find a new home here. The longer I am here, the more is this beautiful country stealing my heart away and I bet if you are reading this, the chances you are smitten too, am I right?

Throughout my career in retail I have learned there is a huge potential and demand for locally & sustainably made products - be it arts or crafts or food.  This is even more true in these trying times. The shop has never had the ambition of being a local small business directory - however - the idea behind All The Good Things From BC is to help define what local, sustainably made and timelessly designed means or can mean in British Columbia. We strive to connect with artisans and makers across the beautiful province.

The collections or virtual shelves and hangers are slowly being filled by products made by companies and artisans who are here to stay and whose products reflect the wild and beautiful spirit of BC while caring about the environment and social issues ot the same time.  Part of the revenue is going back to community by supporting young and ambitious makers - providing them with know how and sales opportunities - while being environmentally and socially conscious.

All The Good Things From BC is here to share inspiring knowledge behind the products on its shelves - may they be designed by BC's First Nation's artist or not - we would like for our customers to be able to make informed choices when shopping.  As knowledge is power, I believe that even in the cut-throat market of online commerce, there is enough room for independent and locally owned shops to operate. 

You, my dear customers, deserve to have the option not to buy from corporations and be able to support local economy.