More About Francis Horne Sr.

“Our art retells our ancestors’ stories about our connection to the land that we have respectfully lived on for thousands of years.” Francis Horne Sr., Coast Salish

Francis Horne is largely a self-taught carver but has also learned from his elders, especially Chief Simon Charlie, an accomplished artist.  Horne has four talented brothers that also carve; Aubrey, Doug, Howard, and Perry LaFortune.

From 1986 to 1987, he carved four poles for the town of Duncan, BC, on Vancouver Island and also began working in silver to create jewelry.  He mostly works in the traditional Northern style. Horne’s totem poles have been acquired from collectors around the world and are known for their clean and detailed carvings.  In 1988, he was invited to Singapore to demonstrate totem pole carving.

Specializing in large house poles, masks and limited edition prints, Horne has been carving for 25 years. He is known for these large-scale monumental pieces, and he has worked on several public and private art projects with this focus. 

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