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Iveta is a Vancouver-based Brand and Web designer with over seven years of experience working in-house and independently as a freelancer.

She uses her extensive creative background to create innovative problem-solving designs. This includes a Master’s Degree in Marketing and a Graphic Design Certificate from the Emily Carr University of Arts + Design.

She is passionate about turning creative, meaningful, and evocative ideas into a finished product while effectively communicating a story. She is curious, playful, open-minded, and loves to look beyond the surface of things to find creative solutions. She believes that design is a collaborative process and that through research, exploration, and understanding the right solution will present itself.

ivivid = ivi + vivid visual style

And that is why AGBC has worked with Iveta for a number of years. As our values and in sync so is our vision of visual style for the brand.

You can view Iveta's work at her website. She has a few really cool things for sale too. Not all are "B.C." themed, but they sure are fun :)

Give her a follow on Instagram too.

You can shop our collection Good Things by Ivivid Designs here.

Selected Ivivid Designs products are also available at the Pemberton Collective.