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Kindred Coast has been a huge inspiration to All The Good Things From BC and we are immensely proud to carry their products. 

Kindred Coast is an eco-friendly apparel brand founded by two creative souls - Hannah & Martin on the lands now called Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. They say that they want to "encourage customers to shop for slow fashion, buying items that they can wear for years rather than months. Items that are classic enough to still feel stylish and in season, yet can be worn from one year to the next." That's why we love working with Kindred Coast.

All their apparel is designed in their studio in Parksville, B.C. and some of the items are even sewn right there. The t-shirt they use usually come form the Jericho brand, which we also love. Their eco-friendly apparel is made in Canada with sustainability in mind and is high quality and lasts long too.

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