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This bio is taken from Melaney Gleeson-Lyall (Point)'s Linked in and we love it!
"To be a contributing team player and leader who creatively applies my exceptional interpersonal, administrative, and mentoring skills in a progressive and collegial work environment that promotes the celebration and awareness of First Nations Culture.

My Coast Salish roots are from Musqueam, Lyackson and Nanoose Nations.
I live between cultures and between worlds.

I am proficient in many areas. My broad life and professional experiences have brought me on many adventures.
I really enjoy learning the business from the ground up and becoming a significant contributor.
I adapt to circumstance.
I love networking, building relationship and connecting community.
I look forward to sharing my endeavours through my Coast Salish cultural expression.

Specialties: Jack of all trades, Master of none, Oft times better than master of one!

I was one of 7 National Finalists in the Food Network Canada TV series, Recipe to Riches Season 1.
I won my category, "Savoury Pies"​ and my recipe was made into a President's Choice product "Savoury Bannock topped Pie" which was sold across Canada for a year."
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