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Orca (or Killer Whale) is a very important crest and mythic being and one of the most commonly depicted in art. In stories, these majestic creatures are associated with strength, dignity, prosperity, and longevity. They are also associated with copper and wealth. 

Killer Whale clans are thought to inhabit villages deep under the ocean. When they are at home, the Killer Whale people take off their black-and-white skins and live like giant humans.

Orcas are thought to be reincarnations of great chiefs: when a great chief dies, a Killer Whale customarily comes close to shore to take the chief's spirit.

Killer Whales are known to capsize canoes and carry them and their occupants into the depths of their villages. On the other hand, an Orca would often guide people to safety when they are caught on the water in stormy weather. 

Orcas are widely considered to be one spirit with the Wolfs.

The dangerous art of whaling was practiced by the Nuu-chah-nuulth and the Makah tribes.

You can watch a short video with a dance about how important his creature is to the Kwakwaka’wakw.

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