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Phil Gray is from the Ts'msyen and Cree First Nations of Lax Kw’Alaams, BC and Fort Chipewyan, Alberta.  Phil is committed to helping to revitalize and make known the artwork of Ts'msyen people.  He is most proud of the work that records the stories and history of the Ts'msyen people and his art that adorns traditional regalia, organizational logos, and other community centered work that allows him to give back and stay connected to the community.  

Phil began learning about Northwest Coast design in 1998 from various artists, by reading many books, visiting museums, attending cultural events, and talking with Elders.  Phil has been influenced by many artists including Gerry Sheena who taught him carving skills and he learned  Ts'msyen design from David A. Boxley.  He also picked up tips from other artists including Lyle Campbell, Reg Davidson, Robert Davidson, Henry Green, David R. Boxley, Marcel Russ, Jay Simeon, Rick Adkins and Klatle-bhi.  

Phil’s work can be found in private collections around the world and in various books, galleries and museums.  He enjoys public art projects as they provide the greatest opportunity for the public to view Ts'msyen art as a way to remind people that the Ts'msyen Nation is here to stay.  

This bio is taken from Phil's official website.

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