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Terry's primary crest symbol is Sisiutl. He carries the ancestral name of Siyemches, a name passed down to him by his grandfather, Frank Malloway. His education took place while working under the direction of his father, Francis Horne, and uncle, Doug Lafortune. His brother is well-known carver Francis Horne Jr. Terry assisted his uncle in the completion of two 30-foot totem poles for Butchart Gardens' 100th Anniversary in Victoria. In 2019, Terry was commissioned to create a large Stó:lō house post for the Chilliwack YMCA. Many of his sculptures and masks contain unique features involving shamanistic elements and atypical formline design.

"My artwork is a hobby and a job, but it is probably better described as an obsession. I have been working at my craft since I was a small child and professionally since I was 16. Growing up in a family of artists, carving is just something that I always knew I would be doing."

Terry Horne as artist is not active on social media and does not have his own personal website.

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