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Sustainable Gifting: Our Promise To You

by Adela Smazilova on October 15, 2022

The word sustainability has become widely used and that's good. It seems to be a natural reaction to things moving around us in a straight line of growth. When we say sustain, it means to use and reuse something over and over again…to obtain a circular life cycle. 

How does sustainability translate to All The Good Things From BC's daily operations?

We do our best to mindfully curate products with more than one use. This often means that the products we stock are made out of durable materials that last, or can be repurposed after using so that no gift or material is ever wasted. 

For example, our Corrine Hunt cheese boards are made from recycled marble and crushed glass resin...and our eco bags are made from recycled materials that roll up easily when not in use. Mugs can be used as plant-pots or scarves as drapes (if you’re feeling inventive, let us know how you repurpose household items, we’d love to know!). 

Whatever you decide, we ensure every item is easily sustained by our customers, and our vision moves beyond our recipients. We also like to work with like-minded businesses who share the same values for sustainability and create with purpose, intention and love. Items that are made of durable, sustainably sourced materials such as cotton or bamboo. Whenever possible, we use BC or Canadian companies and thus increase demand for such products or services. For example, our logo was designed locally by Chris Wilson and the canvases by Justin LeRose are printed in Sea to Sky’s Wind Studio.

Your One Stop Shop:

AGBC also aims to be a one-stop shop for all your gifting needs. Rather than having to browse multiple stores for different products (and thus receive multiple packages), we stock a wide variety of quality products so you can find everything you need in one place. In more than a year of existence, we haven’t purchased one packaging box for all your orders! We receive them from friends or simply reuse ones that make their way into our households (because if you’re like us...we have a cupboard full of them!). We have also started to use a noissue compostable mailer, which is a great way to reduce unnecessary plastic around us. 

Our Promise to You:

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously and act on it. Living in Whistler BC, we appreciate our natural surroundings and wish to protect it (and the earth) in any way we can. 

At the heart of every product lies the spirit of British Columbia and every design allows you to bring a piece of the province's beauty, wilderness and freedom into your home to enjoy. 

By shopping with us, you are helping to create a world in which nature comes first and more and more people are becoming greener in their consumer choices. For a small business, the message of sustainability is easier and more natural to deliver than it is for a mammoth corporation and we are proud to partake in this inspiring community.

Thank you for being sustainable with us! And thank you for supporting local, independent makers, creators and businesses. We appreciate every single one of you!