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Another 5 tips how to live a more sustainable lifestyle

by Adela Smazilova on October 15, 2022

3 min read

Welcome to our second part of 10 tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle by All The Good Things From BC. These tips were originally published as social media posts, but having them here as a part of our blog makes it easer to find, when you need motivation and inspiration on your journey to a greener lifestyle.


TIP #6 - Use Reusable Shopping Bags

No need to explain why.
Just do it and do it often.
If you forget once, you won't blow up the planet.
Maybe ;)

It's fun to have a few durable shopping bags at your disposal in key locations so you don't forget about bringing one. I always keep a few in my car in a designated box in my trunk. Then I have a foldable tote in each handbag or backpack or diaper bag I carry around.

And the talk you can spark by sporting an intriguing and beautiful design
on an ordinary thing like a shopping bag.

Explore our collection of reusable shopping bags & pouches by clicking the image below.

 reusable shopping bags and totes by all the good things from bc

It's best practice & respectful to know who designed the art on your shopping bag. With our products, you'll always know.
At AGBC you can always be sure that the artist & designers are credited.
And fairly compensated.
And that they are truly local, real people. Since we cannot say the bags are all made here, in BC.
We are honest.

Hope we've helped you to stay motivated to use reusable shopping bags. It's hard, but don't beat yourself about it. Staying on top of it is what matters.


TIP #7 - Use Travel Cutlery Sets

Made of bamboo too, is possible. It works the same like portable drink vessels or shopping bags. The key is to have a couple of those around so you won't forget to bring them on your next adventure.

The fun here starts with choosing your favorite design on a travel pouch.

Also, don't forget to wash your cutlery now and then :)

Bamboo is a great, non-toxic choice. It's kids friendly and if it falls into your fire pit at the campsite, it's ok. Give bamboo travel cutlery set a chance and you'll never want to use anything else!

 Reusable Bamboo cutlery travel set


TIP #8 - Support Causes Dear To Your Heart

It's hard to make a difference on your own. Join & support others who are doing so already. Make a connection that makes the most sense to you.

Here at AGBC we decided to give 5%of our net online sales of products with non-indigenous designs to BC Parks Foundation.


Because a lot of artistic inspiration happens on the land now under stewardship of BC Parks.


TIP #9 - Choose To Live With Things Made Of Biodegradable Materials Whenever Possible

We'll show you some options from our shelves.

Always designed in BC, with sustainability in mind.

Washable paper baskets.

washable paper basket

They look & feel very natural and de-compose way more easily then ceramic or plastic.


Cotton Reusable Produce Bag Set.

 reusable bag set

Ditch the plastic bag with these fun guys.


Wood Wall Art Prints.

live edge wood wall art print justin lerose bc artist 

They are a great way to have your favorite art displayed and are naturally bio-degradable too.


TIP #10 - Shop sustainably made jewelry - always.

When deciding about buying the next shiny object for you or your loved one. Consider:

The material - that's easy. Buy silver or gold only, avoid plated stuff and pewter alloys wherever possible.

The supply chain - can you easily find about the process how your shiny thing got made?

If not, there's probably a reason for it.

At last but not least - consider the design, is it timeless?

Is it trendy, is that trend going to last?

For example:

is that piece something you wished your mother had bought for you?

Is that piece you can see your daughter

wearing 20 - 30 years from now?

At AGBC we carry a BC based jewelry brand that ticks all those things to consider.

Shop Treeline Collective Silver Jewelry Collection at AGBC.

Photo by Jenna Pullen Photography.

treeline collective silver jewelry collection


Thank you for reading all the way. There are definitely more ways to live sustainable lifestyle and here at AGBC we are working on bringing you more motivation and inspiration in that regard.

Until then, shop small, shop local & feel good about it.

All The Good Things From BC are your gifts with purpose.