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The Coast Salish, indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, are culturally rich and resilient people whose traditions are woven into the tapestry of the region's landscapes. Their deep connection to the land and waters reflects a profound spiritual bond, fostering a harmonious relationship with nature and is expressed through their unique art and designs.

All these Good Things are designed by artists and companies based in what's now Beautiful British Columbia, Canada and sourced with sustainability in mind.

Find the perfect gifts bearing authentic Indigenous Coast Salish designs by artists such as Simone Diamond, Francis Horne Sr., Maynard Johnny Jr., Andrew Dexel and more.

5 % of sales of products with Indigenous designs goes to IRSSS (Indian Residential School Survivors Society).

Coast Salish

Men's Art Socks - Sasquatch by Francis Horne Sr.


Men's T-Shirt - Sasquatch by Francis Horne Sr.


Coffee Mug - Howling Wolf by Darrell Tusq'anum Thorne


Porcelain Coffee Mug - Hummingbird by Maynard Johnny Jr.


Porcelain Coffee Mug - Moon by Simone Diamond


3D Magnet - Sasquatch by Francis Horne Sr.


Men's T-Shirt - Whale by Maynard Johny Jr.


Camping Mug - Sasquatch by Francis Horne Sr.


Outdoor Vinyl Sticker - Sasquatch by Francis Horne Sr.


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