Healing Bracelet - Cedar Mountain Mala

Healing Bracelet - Cedar Mountain Mala

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This is a Cedar version of our popular Mountain Mala.

Wear this bracelet to ground, connect with nature and invite in abundance.

Mossy Agate has a very nurturing energy and works with the heart chakra. Wear this bracelet to bring balance and aid in physical exhaustion. Use the Rudrakshas and Cedar for diffusing essential oils.

Mossy Agate

A great stone to harmonize with nature and stay grounded. Mossy Agate is also a stone of wealth and attracts abundance.  It helps develop strength  and release fear. It aids depression, encourages trust and gives insight. It is also a great stone for accessing intuition.

West Coast Cedarwood

This natural wood sourced within Canada not only smells amazing but has long standing spiritual significance. Cedar has great healing and grounding properties when worn against the skin. Once the Cedar smell fades you can use it as a diffuser adding your own oils to the wood.

Rudraksha Seeds

These beautiful beads are indeed Seeds and are imported directly from India. Rudraksha Seeds are said to be the Lord Shivas Tears and have great spiritual significance and having amazing calming properties when worn against the skin. Wear Rudraksha Seeds to calm a restless mind, deepen meditation and use them to diffuse essential oils on as they are very porous and will hold scents for hours at a time.

These bracelets are made in 8mm bead size option.

Please note due to size variations and natural variations within the gemstones no two bracelets will ever be identical.

Material:  Mossy Agate, Rudraksha Seeds, Cedar
Dimensions:  available in two basic sizes - 6" (kids) and 8" (adults)
Weight:  1.2 oz / 34 g

Made with love & intention in Whistler, British Columbia by Rock The Feather.

5% of the sale of this product goes towards BC Parks Foundation.

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