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Healing Bracelet - Mountain Mala
Healing Bracelet - Mountain Mala
Healing Bracelet - Mountain Mala

    Healing Bracelet - Mountain Mala


      This radiant collection reflects the mountains of Whistler combining the soothing qualities of Howlite and grounding nature of Mossy Agate. Stay connected to the mountains while relieving stress and anxiety even when you are away from them.

      Howlite is an excellent stone for releasing anxious energy and helps to soothe insomnia.

      Mossy Agate is a stone of prosperity and aids in grounding as well as connecting with nature.

      Rudraksha Seeds accent this collection to soothe the central nervous system during meditation. Use the Rudrakashas to diffuse essential oils on daily to enhance the calming effects.

      Great for stacking with other bracelets too.

      Please note due to size variations and natural variations within the gemstones no two bracelets will ever be identical.

      Made with love & intention on the lands now known as Whistler, British Columbia, Canada by Rock The Feather.

      1% goes towards BC Parks Foundation via One Percent for the Planet.

      Material:  Howlite, Mossy Agate, Rudraksha Seeds
      Dimensions:  beads - 8mm, length - 6.5", 7.5"
      Weight:  1.2 oz / 34 g