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Salt & Pepper Pump - Raven by Connie Dickens

    Salt & Pepper Pump - Raven by Connie Dickens


      Stylish and timelessly designed salt & pepper pumps by Connie Dickens. Invite the West Coast to your home & table. They make a great corporate or housewarming gift. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself and have "Raven" salt & pepper pumps on your shelf or table to marvel at every day.

      Raven is one of the most important crest creatures of the Northwest Coast art. Raven is the original organizer, trickster, transformer, teacher, catalyst and chief spirit.

      Learn more about Ts'msyen artist Connie Dickens.

      Designed on the lands now known as Beautiful British Columbia, Canada by Panabo.

      5 % of sales of products with Indigenous designs goes to IRSSS (Indian Residential School Survivors Society).

      Dimensions:  5.5" x 1" / 14 x 2.5 cm
      Weight:   6.1 oz /  174 g
      Material:  stainless steel
      Care: no dishwasher, do not clean with abrasives