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Travel Coffee Mug - Eagle Heart by Roy Henry Vickers

    Travel Coffee Mug - Eagle Heart by Roy Henry Vickers


      Your new travel mug is Designed to Preserve by reducing disposable containers that fill our landfills. Thank you for taking your part in caring for our planet.

      "Inspired by Valentines Day, 2012. Eagles mate for life and have clear vision. Eagle is one of my crests from the Tsimshian village of Gitxaala." 

      Learn more about Ts'msyen artist Roy Henry Vickers.

      Designed on the lands now called Canada by Oscardo.

      5 % of sales of products with Indigenous designs goes to IRSSS (Indian Residential School Survivors Society).

      Volume:   oz / 330 ml
      Dimensions:  6.25" x 3.2" / 16 x 8 cm
      Weight:  0.5 lb / 0.25 kg
      Material:  high quality food grade 304 stainless steel interior double wall with vacuum seal screw top
      Care:  hand wash only with warm water, do not microwave