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Women's T-Shirt - Rainbow Bear by Justin LeRose (Black)

    Women's T-Shirt - Rainbow Bear by Justin LeRose (Black)

    $21.99 $25.99

      Soft and stylish fitted women's t-shirt.

      Dreamy yet powerful and determined expression in the Bear's face makes it an image which is hard to part with. 

      Designing your own Bear is like graduating in the Sea-to-Sky art scene and young aspiring artist Justin LeRose has just proven himself. 

      Dimensions:  check out our sizing chart
      Weight:  0.25 lb / 0.12 kg
      Material:  7.5 oz of 100% cotton - light and soft feel
      Care:  please be mindful that cotton shrinks. Wash in cold water and hang to dry – this helps to preserve the print too.

      Learn more about Whistler artist Justin LeRose.

      Designed & printed in Whistler, BC, Canada by All The Good Things From BC.