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5 Indigenous Female Artists To Find In All The Good Things From BC

by Adela Beranek on March 07, 2023

Happy International Women's day to you all!

Last year we celebrated by featuring a female artist every day and highlighting the problem of gender pay gap on our social media. In 2023 we are brining you this blog post to showcase some of the super talented female Indigenous artists based in what's now called B.C. Gender pay gap is harder on you when you are Indigenous and by highlighting these amazing creative women we want to show our commitment to center Indigenous perspectives in our shop as well as #economicreconcilliation.

According to statistics Canada, Indigenous women working full-time & full year earn an average of 35% less than non-Indigenous men, or 65 cents to the dollar. For non-Indigenous women this gap is only about 22%. 

Let's get down to introducing 5 Indigenous female artists to find at our one stop gift shop - All The Good Things From BC & their beautiful works we are so honored to be carrying. You can always learn more about these great women by clicking on the headline which will take you to their bio and other links. If you wish to see what Good Things by these female Indigenous artists we carry, please click on their image below the name.



Corrine Hunt (Kwakwaka'wakw, Tlingit)

corrine hun indigenous artist


Corrine Hunt is the legend! Here at AGBC we are extremely grateful to be carrying her signature tableware collection she developed with the North Vancouver based company Boma Manufacturing.


corrine hunt tableware made in canada

A member of the Raven Gwa’wina clan from Ts’akis, a Komoyue village on Vancouver Island, Corrine’s rich family history includes internationally renowned First Nations artists Henry, Richard and Tony Hunt, all of whom have influenced her art. Corrine too has mentored First Nations and other artists and continues to be a strong and vocal supporter of the arts in "British Columbia, Canada." She is famous for designing the Olympic medals in 2010. Corrine works in various media including furniture design, jewelry, carving painting and does commission works occasionally. 

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram as the artists often does art raffles or sells her work directly.

Simone Diamond (Coast Salish)

simone diamond indigenous artist holding balancing games for kids

Simone Diamond is from "Duncan, B.C." and is the daughter of a well-known Coast Salish Master Carver Francis Horne Sr. She works in pencil drawing, painting and carving. Simone carved her first mask at the age of 13 and was selling her designs by 16. Simone is a self-taught artist that has a strong family history of influential West Coast Salish artists. Continuing to develop her unique and very detailed style, she is working towards establishing her career through consistent work.

We especially love her kids products such as the balancing games or the porcelain collection with the Moon Mask on it.


Kari Morgan K'alaajex (Nisga'a)

kari morgan indigenous artist bc

Last year we got to start working with the super talented Kari Morgan (K'alaajex). Morgan believes traditional art is more than just the visual language for the people of the Northwest, she also believes it is medicine for the soul. She is honored to be practicing her traditional art and has so much gratitude for all the people who have kept these practices alive, even through all the attempts to remove this knowledge from history. Morgan enjoys learning and challenging herself, and while discovering more about her traditions she is also discovering what it means to be a Native woman practicing art in the modern world. Morgan aims to display the strengths of her culture and people through her art and entice positive narrative change.

fox xmas card

 We love Kari's Christmas cards with various animals in the formline style.


Melaney Gleeson-Lyall Point (Musqueam, Coast Salish)

Melaney Gleeson-Lyall Point is a self described jack of all trades. Here at All The Good Things From BC we love selling & promoting the numerous board books, coloring book and other educational resources she has co-authored.

Did you know that she was one of 7 National finalists in the Food Network Canada TV series, Recipe to Riches Season 1.? Melaney won in her category, "Savoury Pies"​ and her recipe was made into a President's Choice product "Savoury Bannock topped Pie" which was sold across Canada for a year.


Leila Stogan (Musqueam, Coast Salish)

leila stogan coast salish indigenous artist


The artist about her designs: "Our stories and traditions are woven into our textiles. These woven designs reflect our ancestral traditions and our connection to nature." Two of Leila’s weaving designs are featured on a series of good things we carry such as shawls socks or mugs. Visions of Our Ancestors is traditional design that incorporates the geometric patterns found in many Musqueam weavings. Spirit of the Sky is the result of a collaboration with graphic designer Jenny Poon to combine four of Stogan’s existing designs into a new pattern. With Leila's designs you can be sure you have the "original tribal" pattern rather than serially made cheap knock offs which are flooding the markets.


Thank you for reading. We hope we have sparked some more inspiration for you next gift shopping.

All The Good Things From BC are your gifts with purpose.
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