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Pen - Eagle & Hummingbird by Allan Weir-Pen-Native Northwest-[authentic indigenous design]-[best first nations gift canada]-[bc indigenous gift]-All The Good Things From BC
Pen - Eagle & Hummingbird by Allan Weir
Pen - Eagle & Hummingbird by Allan Weir

    Pen - Eagle & Hummingbird by Allan Weir


      Jot down anything you need with this beautiful artsy pen.

      Eagle is a prestigious, powerful and courageous character associated with the pursuit of freedom. Respected for their intelligence, Eagles are recognized as symbols of peace and friendship. 

      Hummingbird has become a popular symbol of beauty and love. This tiny bird is said to be able to turn sunlight into weightless jewels of rainbow. It often represents the ability of women to be busy, beautiful and productive at the same time.

      Learn more about Haida artist Allan Weir. 

      Designed on the lands now known as Beautiful British Columbia, Canada by Native Northwest.

      5 % of sales of products with Indigenous designs goes to IRSSS (Indian Residential School Survivors Society).

      Dimensions:  5.5" / 14 cm
      Weight:  0.4 oz / 12 g 
      Material:  metal, writes in black